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Do you find yourself adrift in uncertainty, unsure of your path? Perhaps you seek guidance, a glimpse into the tapestry of your future. Fear not, for the stars speak to me, revealing the meanings held within each card. Together, we shall uncover the answers you need to hear.

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Doronics / 24 / they/them / EST

Hello there! Just popping in out of character to say hi! I'm Doronics, the person behind Tohru. When it comes to fortune-telling, I like to use a real-life tarot deck. If you're curious about the deck I use, here's a link for you! check out my deck here.

01 No Medical or Legal Advice: Tarot readings should not be used as a substitute for professional medical, legal, or financial advice. If you have concerns in these areas, please consult a qualified professional. 02 Do not ask questions you don't want answers for: Please do not ask me a question and proceed to say "Good cards only." Understand that tarot readings provide insights based on the cards drawn, which may not always align with expectations or desires. 03 Skepticism is Okay: It's okay to approach the reading with a healthy dose of skepticism. Tarot is not a science but a tool for introspection. Take what resonates with you and leave what doesn't.

04 Emotional Awareness: Be mindful of your emotional state during the reading and be prepared to process any insights or emotions that may arise. If you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable, communicate this to the reader.

05 Clear Intentions: Have a clear intention or question in mind before the reading begins. This helps focus the energy and provides a framework for the reading.

05 Avoid Yes/No Questions: Understand that yes/no questions often oversimplify complex situations and limit the depth of insight that tarot readings can provide. Instead, frame questions in a way that encourages exploration and insight into the underlying factors and dynamics of the situation.

services I offer

Below are services I offer in my free time, if you wish to book me at a venue, please see their website/discord!

1 - Card Spread | a spread for a quick and simple reading!
3 - Card Spread | a spread focusing on your past, present, and future.
6 - Card Spread | a spread that can be generally used to answer most questions you have.
Couple Reading | a spread that focuses on what you all are struggling or doing well at.
None of these Sound Good? | Ask me about spreads I'm learning! (Celtic Cross & more!)

Please keep in mind each venue I work at has different pricing.

* Minus One.

* club shodo.

* ambrosia.